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Upgrading Motherhood - Speak the truth

Speak the truth

People are social creatures. They need to connect with other people. They build relationships, colleagueships and families. Create offsprings and contribute to the wellbeing of society. People are constantly surrounded by some sort of people and they need people, in all possible sense. Biologically, societally and relationally.

Everything people do have its base in communication. Humans are the only species on this planet using a structural and grammatical system of sounds, created by the coworking of air and muscles of their mouth, called language. A language is a powerful tool and when well-sharpened it can produce great benefits to one’s life and the lives of many.

Without language, we can’t speak nor think. With precise speech, we speak and think in a more sophisticated way and as a consequence harness more opportunities to progress in life.

But what is the underlying essence that makes one a trustworthy speaker? The one that people do listen to?

Beyond the mere sound of language there lies a dimension potential of truthfulness or malice. Dimension in which the intentions are made and projected into our speech and behaviour.

You can put tremendous effort into showing off, using lofty words and a pleasant voice tone, but if your speech is underlined by malevolent intentions, it won’t bring you any lasting benefit. It will bring you some short term benefit from exploiting others, but it will destroy you eventually. You can’t go far in life with a malevolent heart. The intention that is malevolent is never a bearer of a fortunate and meaningful future.

Genuine intentions and sophisticated language make you a great conveyor of ideas, expert negotiator and trustworthy counsellour. It gives you credit, confidence and power.

Speaking the truth is simply good in the highest meaning of the word. It’s an opportunity to show up in the world and bring forth your ideas. But you must be careful and not to mistaken ‘speaking of truth’ with speaking kind and courteous words.

To speak the truth is, in our modern world, overlayed with the idea of speaking kindly, in harmless manners. Far too much we care for delivering words of kindness or courtesy rather than truth. It is because to speak the truth means to courageously say what is sincerely present in your mind, what has a ground of the totality of your own beingness, regardless of the possibly angry or disapproving reaction of the opposers.

The tremendous fear of others’ peoples’ thoughts of us is making us too weak and careful, in a very negative sense of the word. Too careful to speak the truth. We know the truth can sometimes be sharp as a blade. It can hurt you for a while and people don’t want to experience anything unpleasant, or hurtful. They want only the sweet, the kind and the pleasant things. But to live in these spheres you must be a child.

Children live in a paradisical world of sweetness and pleasantness. Not yet clear and aware of the reality of adulthood. The grown-ups have but a choice to abandon the shackles of this childish naivety for good and open up the gates of courageous seriousness.

To speak the truth is a serious matter. It can clear the air after intense conflict, brush away wrong habits and heal the conscience. That’s why you have to take this seriously.

Speak the truth!



In Prague, 25. March 2021

Leila Lee Havran Herianová


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