What is the magic of pregnancy yoga?

Whether you are an experienced yogi or you have never tried the thing, I am sure, you have heard about the well-known benefits of yoga such as improved flexibility, an increase in strength or a reduction of stress.

What is the magic of pregnancy yoga?

Such benefits apply to yoga during pregnancy as well, but there are a few more, specific to the period of pregnancy, I would like to bring your attention to:

Building up muscles needed during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. Yoga exercises train the muscles in your core to work in harmony( making sure we don’t involve the abdominal muscles). When they are in harmony, flexible and strong, they are a big help to your body to do the job – carry you and your baby during pregnancy, help you with natural childbirth and enable your body to regain its powers back on faster.

Relaxes and builds up muscles of the pelvic floor at the same time. Everybody says how important the pelvic floor is during pregnancy but do you know why? The pelvic floor is a part of your core muscles. The whole weight of your internal organs depends on the strength of the pelvic floor, which supports and holds these organs in the right place. Especially for women, the pelvic floor has a significant impact on overall health and body condition. In pregnancy, these muscles hold the weight of a baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid.

A pelvic floor is a central place of women's energy. It's the place where our root chakra is located. It’s the place of foundation for life, and it helps you feel grounded and able to withstand challenges. So you can imagine how important it is to have a flexible and relaxed pelvic floor. Pregnancy yoga helps exactly with it.

Relieves anxiety. Yoga is well known for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety. We live in a dramatic and fast world or many of us, it is hard to find time and space that’s dedicated just to us. A time when we don't have to do anything, or plan anything. When you can be yourself. Just sit and breathe. Just by doing so, the level of anxiety will drop and you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy without having to worry about all the things we usually worry about. During pregnancy yoga class, you will also meet other women, so you can connect and share your whole heart.

Yoga bonds you and your baby. Yes, your baby can feel you, hear you and feel what you feel. And your baby communicates with you in its own way, its own language. In pregnancy yoga, we dedicate time for you to bond with your baby. We give ourselves time to reflect, to think about the baby, so you can find a unique way to communicate with your baby. Because your baby feels loved when you respond.

Last but not least, pregnancy yoga is a completely safe exercise for all mums to be, no matter your physical condition.

I am looking forward to meeting you in our lovely A Centrum Karlin, where we offer classes of Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates. We will be happy to prepare another program in English – please feel free to contact us at info@acentrum.eu.

Lots of love, Lucy Merenda

P.S. try and enjoy our little yoga video below.

Lucie Merenda

lektorka jógy / Yoga Instructor