English speaking mums and pregnant women are welcome in A centrum!

Did you know that A centrum also provides services in English?

English speaking mums and pregnant women are welcome in A centrum!

English speaking pregnant women have started to look for exercises and lessons in A centrum in the last months.

We heard them again and again and designed Pregnancy Yoga lesson in May this year. Those lessons started to be a place that brings opportunity not only to exercice, but for being together, finding new friends and sharing worries and joy of everyday life. That is so supportive for women! After summer holidays a new Postnatal Yoga lesson has started. Both lessons are lead by Lucie Merenda.

A new lecturer approached our center at the end of summer holidays with an offer for English speaking mums of babies and toddlers. And so the collaboration with Aisha Nayyar began with her Trusting Babies Playgroup and Trusting Toddlers Playgroup. Lessons for toddlers have just started this week on Monday 12 September. If you would like to join, please connect Aisha. The lesson for babies is collecting it's members and will start as soon as possible – you can register here.

Pregnant women can also find the services of midwifes and doulas in our center. They will help you to prepare for birth, breastfeeding, post partum and care about a newborn. They can accompany you during the birth, visit you at home after birth, talk with you and help you as you need.

Find their contacts here:

We are happy that we can bring useful services for you. It's really meaningful for us!