Birth preparation guidance session for couples/women

16. Leden | 17:00 - 20:00
3 hours
1 500 Kč / woman, 2000 Kč couple


This single session is a first encounter designed for foreigners who would like to gain experience on how to get ready for birth.

It is a guidance meeting that might give You few basic important hints on how to recognise what is happening in which stages of labor, and how to manage them. We shall explore the ways of:

  • what pain means and how to manage it;
  • look at what the basic keys for „good birth“ are;
  • how to learn to listen and tune in with our body and its craft;
  • how to feel enpowered and confident about the incredible experience which is ahead of us.

We shall speak also about the transformative power of birth and its healing potential. We might get to various topics including trust, emotions, fear, death, letting go and much more as the timeframe allows us.

Price: 1 500 CZK per woman or couple

Lecture: Mgr. Natálie Sedlická

Mgr. Natálie Sedlická, MSc. studied birth assistance at medicine faculties in the Czech Republic as well as in Glasgow in Scotland and psychotherapy studies at Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University. In the long term she concerns with natural midwifery and a complex approach to it. She inquires the birthing trauma and its potential to heal. She is fascinated by discovering the transformational power of a woman while giving birth and the genius of the whole birthing mechanism. She is an initiator of the Different way project in the obsterics in the Czech Republic. Around this project there is a budding community of people who jointly help to create better conditions for women and newborns. They successfully managed to establish cooperation with a network of birth houses in the Great Britain and to found APODAC (Association for Birth Houses and Birthing Centres). She lectures at world congresses (Chile, Portugal, Prague etc.) about the importance of preserving naturalness of birth giving and the holistic approach within the birth assistance. 

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